Oracle 9i client download

Actually oracle 9i client download is available on e-delivery under the “Oracle9i Database Release 2 ( Media Pack v12 for Microsoft Windows“.

oracle 9i client download install

There’s a long thread about it here, but you can quickly go to Oracle e-Delivery Search and complete the steps required:

  • select the two check boxes and click on Continue;
  • in the next Page “Select a Product Pack” “Oracle Database” and Operating System;
  • click Go;
  • in the results page, click “Oracle9i Database Release 2 ( Media Pack for Microsoft Windows” Oracle Client;
  • click download “Oracle9i Client Release 2 ( for Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/XP”.

If you are looking for a Oracle Client for Windows then try this eDelivery direct link to oracle 9i client download for windows.