Oracle 9i client download

Actually oracle 9i client download is available on e-delivery under the “Oracle9i Database Release 2 ( Media Pack v12 for Microsoft Windows“.

oracle 9i client download install

There’s a long thread about it here, but you can quickly go to Oracle e-Delivery Search and complete the steps required:

  • select the two check boxes and click on Continue;
  • in the next Page “Select a Product Pack” “Oracle Database” and Operating System;
  • click Go;
  • in the results page, click “Oracle9i Database Release 2 ( Media Pack for Microsoft Windows” Oracle Client;
  • click download “Oracle9i Client Release 2 ( for Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/XP”.

If you are looking for a Oracle Client for Windows then try this eDelivery direct link to oracle 9i client download for windows.

Oracle 9i history

Did you know? In 1977 SDL (the Software Development Laboratories) developed a Database software which is simply known as “Oracle”. It is an Object-Relational Database Management System identified by an alphanumeric system identifier. In 2001, Oracle 9i was released, the “i” standing for the word “Internet” meaning that it is Internet ready.Read more: Difference Between Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g.