Oracle Acquisitions: Buys Cloud

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  • Oracle acquisitions: Eloqua, a provider of cloud-based marketing automation and revenue performance management software. The combination of Oracle and Eloqua is expected to create a comprehensive customer experience cloud that will provide a highly personalized experience across channels, create brand loyalty, and more.
  • Oracle has agreed to acquire DataRaker, a provider of a cloud-based analytics platform that enables electric, gas, and water utilities to leverage vast amounts of data to optimize operational efficiency and improve the customer experience. “Big data created by smart meters and sensors has presented utilities with an enormous opportunity to improve operations and deliver better customer service by acting onthe unique insights that can only be found by understanding the massive amounts of data coming from their customers and networks,” says Rodger Smith, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Utilities. “With DataRaker, Oracle can provide customers a complete and integrated set of products to further unlock efficiencies and create data insights that maximize business value.”
  • Oracle acquisitions: Oracle has agreed to acquire Instantis, a leading provider of cloud-based and onpremises project portfolio management solutions. Oracle plans to combine Instantis with capabilities from Oracle’s Primavera solutions and Oracle Fusion Applications. “By adding Instantis, Oracle can help customers gain complete visibility and control of their mission-critical project initiatives using a top-down approach suited for projects throughout the entire organization,” says Mike Sicilia, seniorvice president and general manager, Oracle Primavera.
  • Oracle has made a minority investment in Engine Yard, a cloud development platform that supports Ruby, PHP, and Node.js Web development languages. Developers building new Web applications in Ruby, PHP, and Node.js to meet growing demands associated with mobile and social computing need a robust Web PaaS offering. Engine Yard is looking forward to integrating Oracle Cloud with Engine Yard’s platform to further extend its PaaS capabilities.