Oracle ADF Mobile Client

Oracle Application Development Framework Mobile Client (Oracle ADF Mobile Client), a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware that allows developers to create applications for mobile devices is based on the same programming paradigm as JavaServer Faces and uses a single Java user interface framework and tooling for all supported devices. Developers can build an application with Oracle ADF Mobile Client, deploy it to multiple devices, and extend it to new platforms without redevelopment.

Developers using Oracle ADF Mobile Client can employ a mix of visual editing tools and Java code to define a device-independent representation of an Oracle ADF Mobile Clientapplication. Oracle ADF Mobile Client provides design tools and data synchronization services for offline data synchronization, as well as real-time data links via Web services. Data can also be cached locally for hybrid online/offline mobile applications. Applications created with Oracle ADF Mobile Client can access local device hardware (such as cameras, barcode readers, and GPS devices) through Java code embedded in the application.

“The increased adoption of mobile business applications requires Java developers to create and extend mobile applications faster than ever before,” says Ted Farrell, chief architect and senior vice president of tools and middleware at Oracle. “Oracle ADF Mobile Client enables developers to leverage their existing skill sets to efficiently deploy applications across mobile devices and platforms and address rapidly increasing mobility requirements within the enterprise.