Oracle Hosting Services (Cloud API) for Cloud Computing

Oracle is strengthening its commitment to offering complete, open, and integrated hosting services cloud computing with the new Oracle Cloud Resource Model Application Programming Interface (Oracle Cloud API) for managing cloud computing infrastructures. It has also submitted the Oracle Cloud Elemental Resource Model API, a subset of the Oracle Cloud API, to the Distributed Management Task Force to be considered in a proposed infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud API standard and to help speed the development of cloud-related standards.

Oracle Hosting Services

The Oracle Cloud Elemental Resource Model API targets machines, storage volumes, and networks, all common elements that make up a cloud hosting service. The API specifies how a machine can be provisioned from an image, how a volume can be linked to a machine, and how a machine can be connected to a network and will encourage open standardization in the industry.

The Oracle Cloud API ensures that users can efficiently manage cloud-based resources by leveraging virtualization, clustering, and dynamic provisioning across all layers of the stack. The API abides by the representational state transfer (REST) architecture style and uses HTTP methods to interact with the resources to easily achieve associating, provisioning, modifying, and retiring of entries. Check the Oracle Hosting Services for Cloud API specification.