Oracle Releases Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Product Line

Oracle has introduced its next-generation Sun ZFS Storage Appliance product line. These storage appliances boast 50 percent more performance, two times more storage capacity, and nearly three times more processing power than the previous generation of Oracle storage products.

Three new tightly integrated data protection solutions for Oracle Applications are available for the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance product line: Oracle Recovery Manager backup optimizes backup with Sun ZFS Storage Appliances; Oracle Database cloning increases database performance by integrating Sun ZFS Storage Appliances with Oracle Data Guard; and Oracle Fusion Middleware simplifies disaster recovery with Sun ZFS Storage Appliances.

These offerings extend Oracle’s list of more than 70 qualified software solutions with the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance product line. The product line combines a flash hybrid storage pool architecture for file and block workloads with DTrace Analytics for storage and Web-based management, enabling organizations to deploy new applications faster and cut administrative costs in half.

The new Sun ZFS Storage Appliance product line ranges from entry-level configurations starting at 12 TB to high-end systems that support more than 1 PB of storage capacity.

Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliances have gained strong industry recognition with an innovative architecture that enables customers to cut their enterprise storage costs in half and speed application deployment. The next-generation Sun ZFS Storage Appliance product line delivers more than two times the scale of the previous generation and increases integration with Oracle’s business-critical applications.