Oracle Big Data Appliance

The creation of data has always been part of the impact of information and communications technology. As the amount of data available for analysis continues to grow, the challenge is for organizations to find the technology that would give them the ability to disseminate, understand and ultimately benefit from the increasing volumes of data. Oracle has recently announced the release of what they consider a viable solution to handle the challenge of Big data. The Oracle Big Data Appliance consists of optimized hardware and several software products from Oracle Corporation .The Oracle Big Data Appliance in union with Oracle Exadata Database Machine and the Oracle Exalytics Business Intelligence Machine (Oracle Exalogic) is used for obtaining, consolidating and loading unstructured data into the Oracle Database 11g. The solution consists of an open source distribution of Apache Hadoop, Oracle NoSQL Database, Oracle Data Integrator with Application Adapter for Hadoop, Oracle Loader for Hadoop, an open source distribution of R, Oracle Linux, and Oracle Java Hotspot Virtual Machine.

Oracle announced the Oracle Big Data Appliance Mon, October 3 at Oracle OpenWorld 2011.

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Oracle Acquisitions: Buys Cloud

oracle acquisitions rumors

  • Oracle acquisitions: Eloqua, a provider of cloud-based marketing automation and revenue performance management software. The combination of Oracle and Eloqua is expected to create a comprehensive customer experience cloud that will provide a highly personalized experience across channels, create brand loyalty, and more.
  • Oracle has agreed to acquire DataRaker, a provider of a cloud-based analytics platform that enables electric, gas, and water utilities to leverage vast amounts of data to optimize operational efficiency and improve the customer experience. “Big data created by smart meters and sensors has presented utilities with an enormous opportunity to improve operations and deliver better customer service by acting onthe unique insights that can only be found by understanding the massive amounts of data coming from their customers and networks,” says Rodger Smith, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Utilities. “With DataRaker, Oracle can provide customers a complete and integrated set of products to further unlock efficiencies and create data insights that maximize business value.”
  • Oracle acquisitions: Oracle has agreed to acquire Instantis, a leading provider of cloud-based and onpremises project portfolio management solutions. Oracle plans to combine Instantis with capabilities from Oracle’s Primavera solutions and Oracle Fusion Applications. “By adding Instantis, Oracle can help customers gain complete visibility and control of their mission-critical project initiatives using a top-down approach suited for projects throughout the entire organization,” says Mike Sicilia, seniorvice president and general manager, Oracle Primavera.
  • Oracle has made a minority investment in Engine Yard, a cloud development platform that supports Ruby, PHP, and Node.js Web development languages. Developers building new Web applications in Ruby, PHP, and Node.js to meet growing demands associated with mobile and social computing need a robust Web PaaS offering. Engine Yard is looking forward to integrating Oracle Cloud with Engine Yard’s platform to further extend its PaaS capabilities.

Validated Integration with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1

Validated Integration with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1

Zebra Technologies Corporation, an Oracle Gold Partner, has earned Oracle Validated Integration between its thermal barcode and RFID printer product line and Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 solutions.

Oracle Validated Integration applies a rigorous technical review and test process to confirm that the products work together as designed, helping reduce risk and improve implementation cycles. Zebra printers leverage the Zebra barcode printing solution to smoothly receive, process, and print XML output from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

Zebra offers barcode printing from Oracle applications via the Zebra XML-Direct Connect method (for 10 or fewer printers), in which Zebra embeds a firmware XML parser in the XML-enabled, TCP/IP-connected printers, and the Zebra Link Enterprise Connector Solution (for 10 printers or more), which changes Oracle XML to Zebra Programming Language at the level of Oracle Application Server.

To achieve Oracle Validated Integration, Oracle partners are required to meet a stringent set of requirements that are based on the needs and priorities of the customers. Zebra provides a combination of software and hardware engineered to work together with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Using Oracle standards, the documented solution delivers greater visibility into critical assets and transactions in the business.


Develop Your Strategy and Roadmap for Cloud Computing

The cost and speed advantages of cloud computing are clear and compelling. But how do you actually move to cloud computing? To discover practical approaches to building your cloud foundation, join us for our four-part webcast series.

Cloud experts will share real-world best practices, reference architectures, detailed customer case studies, and more. You will learn how to transform your IT into a superior service provider with a strategy and roadmap for building, deploying, and managing your enterprise cloud.

Attend the webcast series to learn how to:

Build a state-of-the-art cloud architecture
Leverage your existing IT investments
Optimize your IT management processes
Whether you are considering a move to cloud computing or have already adopted a cloud model, the cloud computing webcast series offers you the insights you need to take full advantage of cloud computing.

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Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 2.0

Join Hasan Rizvi, Cliff Godwin, and other key Oracle executives on July 25, 2012, for the launch of Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 2.0. Oracle’s latest release of hardware and software is engineered to work together to run your business applications.
Learn how Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 2.0 can help your company:

  • Close business up to 10x faster
  • Protect sensitive data with complete application isolation
  • Rapidly respond to market needs by provisioning applications 6x faster
  • Maximize availability and productivity with 2x faster troubleshooting

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Oracle vs SQL Server

Time Savings and Ease of Deployment Comparison Study

As the amount and importance of corporate data grows, companies of all sizes are finding that they increasingly need to deploy high-availability database solutions to support their business-critical applications. High DBA workloads have made the ease with which these systems can be installed, administered and supported an important consideration in their selection.

The purpose of this study was to conduct comparison testing between Oracle Database Appliance and Microsoft SQL Server in order to determine the productivity differences between these two solutions. A significant portion of the cost of owning a DBMS is the cost in time and dollars of performing daily management. This study focused on Oracle’s answer to these issues with the recent addition to its family of engineered systems, Oracle Database Appliance. This two-node clustered database server seeks to reduce, and even remove, the primary cost factors of installation and initial deployment, maintenance, and support. ORC had a unique opportunity to evaluate this product in its early rollout stages and measured the amount of time savings this appliance gives back to an administration team, while still maintaining high availability within a database infrastructure.

ORC’s research determined that a DBA would save 835 hours in the first year of system implementation using Oracle Database Appliance rather than SQL Server, and 669 hours in each subsequent year of the system’s life. Given these dramatic productivity savings, Oracle Database Appliance is a choice that makes sense for any organization looking to increase the availability of its databases.

Time savings provided by Oracle Database Appliance were particularly striking in the critical area of ongoing system maintenance.

Database Appliance Oracle vs SQL Server Microsoft

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Storage and Data Costs Calculator

The average cost per gigabyte for flash, disk or tape storage can vary widely. By aligning the right type of storage media with your data tiers need, you can be much more cost effective when acquiring your storage.

Business managers must understand important cost distinctions when making decisions and exercising control based on different types of cost data. These cost distinctions help managers better appreciate the cost figures that accountants attach to products that are manufactured or purchased by the business.

Calculate your potential savings with Oracle’s flash, disk and tape approach.

Data Cost Calculator

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14 Best Enterprise Data Storage Webcasts

Here you go, this is the list of all webcasts Oracle is presenting about cost of data storage, enterprise data storage and Oracle’s private cloud appliance:

  • Improve Database Capacity Management with Oracle Storage and Hybrid Columnar Compression 
    Dave Krenik, Storage Solution Specialist and Mark Mulligan, Exadata Pillar Specialist discuss how Oracle’s hybrid columnar compression (HCC) feature – which is now supported on Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance and Pillar Axiom 600 – can help customers better manage the lifecycle of data using in-database archiving for OLTP databases and data warehouses. Using Hybrid Columnar Compression in these environments, customers can achieve 3x to 5x reductions in their storage footprints, energy usage and cost by replacing existing EMC and NetApp SAN and NAS storage with Oracle storage solutions. Continue reading 14 Best Enterprise Data Storage Webcasts

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control

This self-study and classroom series covers the enterprise-ready framework, database and configuration management, provisioning and patching, and more.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Self-Study training is aimed specifically at administrators who are familiar with the current releases of Enterprise Manager. It is designed to bring existing users up to speed on the new features of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c

Oracle has played a leading role in enabling a more agile and efficient enterprise IT environment with pioneering work in the area of grid computing. As enterprises get ready to take advantage of the cloud computing paradigm, Oracle’s platform and enterprise data management technologies not only support but also enable that evolution. Oracle Enterprise Manager provides a very rich and scalable management framework providing a unified view of the enterprise cloud. Through Oracle University, students can benefit by learning about Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c which is Oracle’s flagship product to address the broad IT requirements for managing the entire Oracle environment.

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