The Power of Social CRM

Companies engaged in deploying CRM applications have in the past faced difficulties striking a balance between collecting data from and returning useful information to the sales team. Early attempts at automating the sales process resulted in a one-way feed; sales associates would gather and report data on customers to management with little in return. Consequently, the tools were not easily sold to the people doing the selling.

Social CRM might be just what both sales management and associates need to fully embrace the tools geared to improve productivity. Social CRM takes advantage of socialized technology and business intelligence to surface opportunities of merit and separate the wheat from the chaff. Data is mined from customer order history files, accounts receivable files, and other repositories containing the collective experience of the company. Purchased data assets from outside sources are included to provide information such as credit history, competitive intelligence, and news feeds affecting the business climate. The combined information brings clarity and perspective to the opportunity at hand.
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Oracle Social Network


Everything within Oracle Social Network happens in real-time.

Text, content, video, and voice all within a stream.

Internal and external groups collaborating securely together.

Business Updates

Application Integration
Connect to Applications such as CRM and HCM.

Business events posted within Social Network streams.

Update your Applications from within Oracle Social Network.


Real-time, shared document markup.

Real-Time Tools
Chat, web and application conference sharing.

Full content, real-time auto complete and context filtering.

Activity Streams

Live Digest
Receive snapshots of your unread activity stream.

Flag critical information for yourself or others.

Focus on what matters to you.

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