14 Best Enterprise Data Storage Webcasts

Here you go, this is the list of all webcasts Oracle is presenting about cost of data storage, enterprise data storage and Oracle’s private cloud appliance:

  • Improve Database Capacity Management with Oracle Storage and Hybrid Columnar Compression 
    Dave Krenik, Storage Solution Specialist and Mark Mulligan, Exadata Pillar Specialist discuss how Oracle’s hybrid columnar compression (HCC) feature – which is now supported on Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance and Pillar Axiom 600 – can help customers better manage the lifecycle of data using in-database archiving for OLTP databases and data warehouses. Using Hybrid Columnar Compression in these environments, customers can achieve 3x to 5x reductions in their storage footprints, energy usage and cost by replacing existing EMC and NetApp SAN and NAS storage with Oracle storage solutions.
  • Guide to Storage Consolidation: 5 Pillars for Success Webcast 
    Storage has moved from a dedicated, direct-attached resource to a completely shared resource, because companies wanted to consolidate storage to optimize both management and storage utilization. Unfortunately, this concept of a shared resource and consolidation causes other storage management issues. View this important educational webinar to learn what they are and the 5 must-do’s for storage consolidation success.
  • Storage Strategies for Accelerating Database Test and Development 
    Cloning your databases for recovery, development, test, and quality assurance can be demanding on your storage infrastructure. Learn how Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance helps you create test, development, and recovery databases quickly and safely – and using minimal storage.
  • Advance Your Tape Storage Infrastructure 
    Wendy Johnson, Product Manager, and Dan Deppen, Product Manager at Oracle discuss how you can increase capacity, boost performance, and extend the useful life of your tape libraries – with the latest high-capacity tape drives and tape library systems from Oracle.
  • Five Reasons Why Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Wins Over NetApp 
    Michael Brown, Product Marketing Director Global Technology and Raymond Austin Group Manager, Disk Storage Product Management at Oracle explain how Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance solution surpasses NetApp in five ways.
  • Is Your Storage Infrastructure Ready for Potential Disaster?
    Dave Krenik, solutions manager, and Robert Murphy, principal product director at Oracle discuss the advantages of Oracle’s unified storage solutions for Oracle database and application environments.
  • Intelligent Storage In Your Data Center 
    James Cates, vice president of Tape Development, and Scott Tracy, senior director of Flash and Disk Development at Oracle explain how Oracle’s intelligent storage strategy can unlock the hidden value in your data center.
  • Improving Storage Efficiency: What to Look for in Storage Vendors
    Henry Baltazar, senior analyst for Storage and Systems at The 451 Group, explores trends and best practices for selecting a data storage vendor to manage your evolving data center.
  • USC Shoah Foundation Uses Tape Storage for Visual History Archive
    Sam Gustman, CTO of USC Shoah Foundation explains how the foundation selected tape storage for the high-quality digital copies of its visual history archive.
  • How Shortcomings In Storage Impact Your Business
    In this panel webcast, Michael Brown and Robert Barrios from Oracle join Chris Peters from Intel IT to discuss the challenges and benefits of storage in their respective environments.
  • Tape Storage: Data Center Dinosaur or Dynamo? 
    Gary Francis, senior director of Storage Sales Support at Oracle explains why every enterprise should include tape as part of its storage scheme—for cost savings, capacity, and reliability.
  • High-Performance Storage for Demanding Database Applications 
    Aaron Newcomb, principal product director for Storage Systems at Oracle explains why database and application performance is critical for your most active data.
  • Optimizing Storage Efficiency in Virtualized Server Environments
    Chris Martin, principal product manager at Oracle explains how Oracle’s Unified Storage leads the industry by delivering new levels of storage efficiency to virtualized server environments.
  • Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance with Advanced Analytics
    Dean Halbeisen, applications solutions manager at Oracle explains how the advanced analytics capabilities of the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance can help companies save time and money.