Oracle 11g Client Download

Oracle 11g client download is available on e-delivery under the ” Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Client (“.

Oracle Client 11g Download and Install
Oracle Client 11g Download and Install

There are many Forum Threads about 11g download and install, but you can quickly go to Oracle e-Delivery Search and complete the following steps required:

  • log in or register if you are not yet registered;
  • select the two check boxes and click on Continue;
  • in the next Page “Select a Product Pack” “Oracle Database” and Operating System;
  • click Go;
  • in the results page, click “Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Client ( for Microsoft Windows (x64)” Oracle Client;
  • click download or try this direct link to download Oracle 11g client.

About Oracle 11g client download and install features

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 launched September 2009 and its marquee features were Edition Based Redefinition, Data Redaction, Hybrid Columnar Compression, Cluster File System, Golden Gate Replication and Database Appliance. Oracle 11g install also brings these:

  • Performance Diagnostics
  • SQL Tuning
  • Real Application Clusters
  • High Availability
  • Oracle Clusterware
  • Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Data Masking Enhancements
  • Change Management Enhancements
  • Real Application Testing Enhancements.

Oracle 11g Features include:

  1. Native Compilation
  2. Read-Only Tables
  3. Invisible Indexes
  4. Virtual Columns
  5. Result Cache in SQL and PL/SQL
  6. Compound Trigger
  7. Set trigger firing order using FOLLOWS
  8. Creating a trigger in DISABLED mode
  9. Secure Files to handle Large Objects
  10. Partitioning Enhancements
  11. Program Inlining and PRAGMA INLINE
  12. Regular Expression enhancement REGEXP_COUNT
  13. New Analytic Functions – LISTAGG and NTH_VALUE:
  14. Fast DML triggers
  15. Default Value in Table ALTER command
  16. Sequence Assignment
  17. Functions in SQL-Named Notation
  19. WHEN OTHERS compile time warning
  20. New data types
  21. Native Dynamic SQL enhancements
  22. SKIP LOCKED for locked tables
  24. NO_DATA_NEEDED new exception
  25. DATABASE_ROLE constant for SYS_CONTEXT
  26. Recursive common table expressions (CTE)
  27. Encrypted Tablespace:
  28. Tablespace specification for GTT
  29. Restore Points in Database
  30. Fine Grained Dependency Tracking
  31. Advanced Compression Option
  32. Database Resident Connection Pooling(DRCP)