Oracle and MySQL Comparison – Migration and Differences

This guide is intended for anyone who is involved in converting a MySQL database to Oracle using SQL Developer. You should be familiar with relational database concepts and with the operating system environments under which you are running Oracle and MySQL.

“Oracle Database SQL Developer Supplementary Information for MySQL Migrations” describes several differences between MySQL and Oracle. It also outlines how those differences are dealt with by SQL Developer during the migration process.

Download the Oracle and MySQL Comparison PDF below.

This document provides supplementary reference information for migrating MySQL databases to Oracle using the Oracle SQL Developer tool. It includes information to help you plan for the migration and to solve any problems that might occur during or after the migration. You should already know how to use the SQL Developer tool, including its migration capabilities. SQL Developer is described in Oracle Database SQL Developer User’s Guide and in the online help.

PDF download: Oracle and MySQL Comparison – Migration and Differences