Exalytics In-memory Machine

Exalytics in-memory analytics software and industry-changing hardware was engineered to work together to provide extremely fast solutions for BI, modeling, forecasting, and planning.

Your sales and marketing teams can identify new customers and new revenue opportunities, and you can lower your operational costs and reduce your overall risk with this preconfigured, pretested, preoptimized engineered system from Oracle. With Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine you get:

Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine

  • Speed-of-thought analysis. Oracle Exalytics starts working right away. It suggests and enables interactive, real-time analysis that helps users visualize and explore patterns and new trends.
  • Mobile BI. Any content available in Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite can be made available to mobile users, allowing analytics tasks to be done anywhere, any time.
    • Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office. Integration with MS Office via a dashboard page and report prompts lets users create Business Intelligence views directly from MS Excel and embed both analyses and dashboard pages in the Oracle Business Intelligence Presentation Catalog.
      Advanced data visualization. Get enhanced visualization, including trellis reports, performance tiles, and waterfall charts. Users can explore, analyze, and interact with even large sets of data to identify outliers and patterns and provide actionable insight.
      Information discovery. Explore a big variety of data relevant the business using Oracle Endeca Information Discovery. Unlock insights both inside and external to the enterprise to get a complete view of the factors affecting the business.

Knowledge workers can gain better insight when the information they consume is delivered in a format and via delivery channels tailored to their specific role, preference, and experience level. This is a strong advantage of Exalytics in memory machine.