Real Application Testing and Tuning Database

AFG’s implementation team used Oracle Real Application Testing to tune the database for optimal performance before going live. This unique database testing facility combines a workload capture and replay feature with a performance analyzer to test real-life workloads. “We captured about eight hours’ worth of transactions during a normal business day, and then we replayed those..

The Australian Finance Group (AFG), Australia’s largest mortgage broker, relies on Oracle Exadata technology, Oracle Real Application Testing, and other Oracle products to provide a sales system to a national network of more than 2,200 independent brokers. Founded in 1994, the Perth-based company offers more than 800 residential mortgage products from 35 lending institutions, along with commercial financing and compliance, commission payments, and marketing and training services for brokers. AFG had previously selected Oracle’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management (Siebel CRM) as the foundation of a cloud- based platform called FLEX, which its broker network uses to source loan products, submit loan applications, manage customers, and manage leads.

Now, AFG’s production Oracle Exadata system resides in a quarter-rack configuration that contains two database servers and three storage servers, with 6 TB of disk storage and 1TB of flash. The company’s Oracle Exadata platform hosts multiple OLTP applications, including Siebel Incentive Compensation Management to calculate commissions and Oracle Financials to make payments. “Our goal with Oracle Exadata and Oracle Real Application Testing is to rationalize servers, reduce back-end storage infrastructure, and consolidate multiple database instances”.

Oracle Exadata has enabled AFG to decommission several servers at its datacenter, reducing the overall Oracle footprint from three racks to two. “It only took two months from the time we took delivery of the Oracle Exadata Database Machine until we were in production with our mission-critical applications set up with Application Testing: custom configurations are eliminated, so you can get up and running quickly.

Data Masking and Real Application Testing Screencast