Oracle Sun Blade Systems

Oracle Sun Blade Modular SystemThis resource kit contains an analyst report, demos, podcasts, customer references, and more to show you how to reduce costs, speed deployments, and simplify management and service support using Oracle Sun Blade Systems.

Some of the material that can be downloaded about Oracle Sun Blade systems are:

  • IDC Report: Data Center Efficiency with Oracle x86 Blade System Solutions
  • Flash Demo: Transform IT with Oracle’s Sun Blade Systems
  • Podcast: Minimize IT Sprawl and Optimize Your Data Center with Oracle’s Sun Blade Modular systems (MP3)
  • Power Calculator: Sun Blade 6000 Modular System
  • Customer References, White Papers, Sun Blade 6000 Kaon Demo, and more.

To get the full Kit abut Oracle Sun Blade Systems, you just have to login using your Oracle account.