PL/SQL Code Review Tool and Code Analysis

If you have trouble while doing PL/SQL Code Review, maintaining legacy applications, documenting old and unfamiliar code or digging into someone else’s code, you might be looking for a viable solution as a PL/SQL code formatter and analyzer.

Troubleshoot and manage PL SQL code is a difficult and time-consuming task, so you need an automated code review tool and quality control tool when implementing enterprise coding standards (e.g. code formatting, DB objects naming rules,…).

Conquest’s ClearSQL for Oracle is a very powerful and advanced PL/SQL analyzer with many features like:

  • PL SQL code analysis with a single click (a complete PL/SQL code review tool).
  • Create Flowcharts, Call Tree diagrams, CRUD matrices from PL/SQL to allow you to instantly understand code.
  • Quickly detect Code Errors, PL SQL Code Review rule violations and other PL/SQL code anomalies.
  • Create detailed Code Metrics reports from PL/SQL (McCab, Halstead, Maintainability Index, and more..).
  • Document PL/SQL creating clickable reports (HTML).
  • Summarize PL/SQL on a single page (status overview).
  • Offer Command Line feature for batch analysis.
  • Create PSEUDOCODE from existing PL/SQL.
  • Monitor code complexity trends during development cycles to ensure maintainability.
  • Imports Oracle forms and PL/SQL libraries v.6 – 10.