Benefits of virtualization

In movies and television shows, information technology is often scaled down to fit the story. That magically computed result, that missing electronic file, and that unknown password that will stop something bad or start something good can go from nonexistent to resolved in one brief scene. And for historical reasons the significant computing power in most screen fiction seems to come from a vintage main-frame—rather than a modern supercomputer or engineered system and all the benefits of virtualization.

There aren’t too many references to cloud computing in movies or on television, but those that exist seem limited to the idea that a treasured file or information the hero or villain may be looking for is safe from local mayhem because it is safely stored “in the cloud.” Fortunately, the fact that a movie or television show delivers a very narrow definition of cloud computing as internet-located storage isn’t likely to break the on-screen story or reduce the entertainment value of a production.

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What is the value of Big Data ?

If you are looking for instant answers on what is the value of big data, you can access Oracle’s exclusive material published on their website. Straightforward approaches for acquiring, organizing, and analyzing big data; architectures and tools needed to integrate big data with your existing investments; survey data revealing how leading companies are using big data; the value of big data and expert resources such as white papers, analyst videos, and demos.

Huge volumes of big data are generated by companies world-wide. However, usually this data is not kept around long enough for big data analysis because you don’t have the tools or techniques to exploit it.

How do you turn this data from digital exhaust into business value? Read the comprehensive e-book to get advice from Oracle and industry leaders on how you can use big data to generate new business insights and make better decisions. You’ll gain access to:
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